Handling Tools


M&M Elevator Houston facility has a full machine shop and welding facility where we do all our own handling tool rebuild and repairs.

Having an in-house machine shop means we don’t rely on others for our work, and keeps our quality to the high standards we have set. We do however use third party pull test and MPI for inspections.

We also carry new equipment if you are in need of new supplies versus repairs.

Because handling tools play a major part in today’s drilling operations, we use and carry a full line of handling tools such as elevators, tongs, slips, clamps, bushings, etc. for our customers convenience. We use and work with brands such as Varco, Access, Woolley, Baash Ross, Web Wilson, and Cavins.

With today’s intricate well profiles requiring ever increasing string weights for deep water drilling and extended reach wells, Handling Tools are critical for thriving well operations. These tools also provide a cost effective, established and safe solution to the high demands of virtually any drilling operation and M&M Elevators is proud to provide our customers with the best equipment possible.

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