Welcome to M&M Elevator Co.


At M&M Elevator we guarantee and uphold the highest standard in customer service, client satisfaction, and quality product delivery in the oilfield industry.
We recognize that our clients are the number one reason this business will succeed, and we strive to provide you with the very best products available.

M&M Elevator has the capability to rebuild all types of elevators , tongs, slips and spiders, or we can also sell you already rebuilt equipment we have in stock.

We have two locations in Texas to better assist our customers with all types of products. You can find us in Houston and Odessa.

Our Houston location has a full machine shop and welding facility where we do all of our Handling Tool rebuilds and repairs.  We provide everything in-house except for third party load testing and MPI.

In Odessa we rebuild blocks and swivels, and we carry a full line of Bowen and Logan Fishing Tools.  Our yard in Odessa  is 17 acres and we have our rigs , pumps, blocks, swivels, drill collars, etc. out there ready to ship out.

M&M Elevator Company is proud to to say we have been in the oil field business since the 80’s and we can provide our customers with top quality equipment and craftsmanship.